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We believe in Creativity as a liaison for minds and souls around the globe. It’s the glue that sticks innovation. It’s a treasure hunt, and the treasure we are all made from. Creativity drives experimentation; and is driven by experiment, always.

So here’s what we do about it.

Experimentalist.ro is the go-to platform for Romanian creatives. It’s a museum, a venue and a magazine at the same time. It’s that place in the web where Romanian artists of all species share their story, their vision, their style and individuality.

Step inside, get hooked and join us in an effort to place Romanian originals on the world map of creativity; to draw the attention of worldwide art publishers; and to never stop being the experimentalists we are.


Is there something you want to share with us?
A thought, a suggestion, an idea? Maybe a story?
Write to us: web@experimentalist.ro

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Accepting the terms and conditions

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Acceptable use

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C. In which regards the content you are posting, you:

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D. In particular, if you own any author right and believe another user has denied you the right to your property, you can send a complaint to the admin of the website, comprising the following elements:

  • (i) The physical or digital signature of the person whose property right has been crossed.
  • (ii) The identification of the element or the list of elements that have infringed the property right.
  • (iii) The identification of the article that needs to be taken down from the website.
  • (iv) A suitable and reasonable quantity of information that allows the admin to contact you after you issued the complaint (address, phone number, email, name etc.)
  • (v) The proof that you have the legal right to take action with respect to the material.

E. By using experimentalist.ro you admit to being exposed to information from a variety of sources and that experimentalist.ro is not accountable for the accuracy, safety, and utility of property rights of these materials.

You also admit the possibility of being exposed to materials that are offensive, indecent, hurtful and cannot hold liable experimentalist.ro for them, thus granting immunity to the licensors of the website and renouncing any compensation for these type of posts.

F. Experimentalist.ro grants access to materials that can be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Guaranty agreement

You agree that using experimentalist.ro might imply Ursus Breweries declaring all guarantees, explicit or implicit, in regard to this website. Ursus Breweries is not accountable for the accuracy, safety, and utility of the content of this website or other websites. Ursus Breweries is not liable for:

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Limitation of liability

Under no circumstance will URSUS Breweries SA or its employees be liable for any kind of damages - direct, indirect, incidental, special punitive or consequential that can result from any:

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In the event of infringement for the above-mentioned warranties, you will compensate URSUS Breweries SA in whole for any and all actions, claims, demands, direct costs, taxes, procedures and expenses definitively set by a court order/decision in favor of URSUS Breweries SA, that result directly from, as a result of or which have to be supported due to an infringement or an alleged infringement of these rights by means of experimentalist.ro using any information or materials posted according to these terms and conditions.

Exemption from penalties

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  • (iii) violating the rights of any third-party (privacy, intellectual property or ownership)
  • (iv) any suspicion that a post has caused damaged to a third-party.

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